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Good slave...

... go get me some peppermint tea.

Name your slave
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++Claim a Slave!++

Brought to you by mein_zwitter

Here's your chance to claim a slave of your very own. Claim ANYONE - actors, musicians, sports stars, fictional characters, other LJ users... it's all up to you. :)


+ You may only claim one person at a time, BUT feel free to trade at any time. Just check the claims list before swapping out. :)
+ Up to two people can claim any one person. Sharing is caring!
+ If you leave the community or delete your journal, your slave is up for grabs. If you plan on rejoining under a different name, please don't hesitate to drop me a line and let me know! I'll keep your slave chained up for you. ;)
+ Play nice! If two people have claimed your slave, you have the options of waiting for one of the people to trade, enslaving someone else, or just leaving the community. The choice is yours! Just don't start flame wars or toss spam at us. That's messy.
+ Have fun!


claimatune - claim your top 3 favourite songs!
ninclaims - all Nine Inch Nails, all the time.